In addition to performing and teaching percussion, I direct the MAPLE Lab researching Music, Acoustics, Perception & LEarning. Many of our project come from questions related to my work as a percussionist. For example, we conduct empirical research that examines the psychological roots of the musical experience. We investigate musically-inspired questions such as how a performer’s body movements affect the way audiences “hear” music, why “moving-to-the-beat” improves the auditory experience, and how composers and performers communicate emotional meaning.

Through this work we aim to contribute to issues of broad relevance to auditory perception and cognition: assessing theoretical frameworks of audio-visual integration, exploring sensorimotor interactions, and investigating parallels in the communication of emotion in language and music.  Consequently, we are invested not only in contributing to core issues in music cognition, but also applying our findings to a broad range of topics in cognitive psychology, music pedagogy, cognitive neuroscience, and auditory perception. For more information, visit us online at

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