Words we want to hear

One of the best things the daddy of a sick little child can hear is a doctor giving some good news. I got to hear that today as one of Davis’ doctors came in to see him this morning. He’s one who’s seen Davis from the beginning and was off over the Christmas days, so today was the first time we’d seen him in a while.

He did his poking around, then looked over and said, “Not everyone would notice this, but because I’ve seen him from the beginning, I can tell that his tumour is noticeably smaller.”

Nice! It’s like Kory Sheets or Marshawn Lynch busting one up the middle. It’s not a beast-mode touchdown miracle, but a straight-ahead run on first down for 12 yards: unexpected, and highly satisfying.

(I know, I’m mixing metaphors a bit. Reid started the Team Davis football metaphor and then I strayed into boxing. As I said, I’m not a boxing fan at all, but I’m a huge football fan, so let’s stick with that.)

And, we got him off the oxygen feed today, so let’s add a Weston Dressler/Wes Welker quick hitch and bounce off a couple tackles for another first down.

So we’re moving the chains. High fives all around.

Go Team.