A new journey begins

It's surreal sitting down to write this: another young family member is starting a battle against cancer: my nephew, Owen - Suzanne's sister's 12-year-old son. We just found out a few days ago. They were on vacation in Ontario, far from home in BC, when we wasn't feeling well. They took him into the doctor, and after tests, they were taken to SickKids Hospital in Toronto, and he's started chemotherapy already. It's almost unbelievable, first to hear the shocking news, and now to be writing about it.

It's a cancer of the blood, though it's not directly leukemia. It's called Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm, and it's a very rare cancer with a treatment protocol like that of acute leukemia. Treament will keep him in Toronto at least through the end of the week, and if he responds well enough, he'll then be able to come to BC, where he'll continue treatment at Children's Hospital in Vancouver.

Home for their family is 100 Mile House, and so once they get back to BC they are going to be needing to figure out what living and work arrangements to make. They're likely going to need to be living almost full-time in Vancouver for the foreseeable future. They have 2 boys in the family, and both parents were working; Cameron owns his own business in 100 Mile, and Nicole is a teacher. So they're going to be not only figuring out living in Vancouver, but also what that means for work for both of them.

One of the ways that our family will be supporting them is promoting a YouCaring fundraiser. Dear friends of ours did the same for us during our journey which started about 20 months ago, and it was such an incredible blessing to us. It's set up right now, and if you have the means and would like to help them out, they are going to need a ton of support, just like we've needed it in our family. The fundraiser is online here at YouCaring.

For those of you who are Christians, we'd ask you to keep Owen and the whoel family in your prayers to our Heavenly Father, asking once agian for miraculous healing, and also for "ordinary" healing as God also works through means, such as doctors, nurses, medicines, and surgeries. Pray that God would bring them the peace that passes all human understanding that will guard thier hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.