The voices in my head had a conversation this morning

"Wow, there sure are a lot of Alberta folks posting about getting snow last night."

"How unfortunate."

"You should post about how your family went boating on Saturday and beaching on Sunday."

"That would just be mean."

"Yeah, but it'd be funny, too, because everyone would be all, 'Ok, ok, we get it. The Okanagan is an amazing place to live. Boy, I sure wish I lived there.'"

"But that's just it. It wouldn't be funny. Everyone knows that. So they'd just be all, "Ok, Captain Obvious, rub our noses in it. You live in this idyllic land of wine and beaches and a long summer season and only having to shovel your driveway a couple times a year, maybe. We don't. So stop boasting.'"

"Point taken. But we have some family and  lot of good friends that live in Alberta. Who knows? Maybe somebody would read your clever post, and maybe they'd actually decide to do the right thing and move to the Okanagan. Then, they'd be happier and they'd be closer to us! Win-win!"

"Hmmm...maybe I should post something. I'm sure I could word it in a way that doesn't sound too condescending, but just gives them all a gentle nudge."

"Yeah, like...'really sorry to see all these posts with snow in early September. You know, friends, it doesn't have to be like this.'"

"Or like, 'you know what the clinical definnition of insanity is, right...'"

"Yeah! Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!"

" in the prairies year after year and compaining about the snow every year..."

"Yeah, that is pretty mean."

"Yeah...not gonna post that."

"You're right, we should probably just scroll through and silently sympathize with them. Anything you post is gonna come off pretty harsh."




"Wow, there sure are a lot of Alberta folks posting about getting snow last night."

"Yeah. Probably should just close the app."

"It would be for the best."

"Ok. How about a little Candy Crush to clear our hea...""