Remember today's date

So today is May 26. Today, Davis was discharged from the hospital, and tonight, we got home to Penticton. Today, this major chapter in our lives is over (and by over, I don't mean that we never have to think about it again; there will be follow-up, monitoring, hoping and praying for no relapses...but this treatment plan is over, and the results have been very good). For that, we're incredibly thankful to God, who's worked through so many fantastic people at BC Children's Hospital and Penticton Regional Hospital, and through so many of you who've supported us along the way.

One year ago today, I was ordained as a pastor, and started a new chapter of my life as a church worker.

One wonders what May 26, 2015 might bring. Even if it's completely uneventful, this day will be a meaningful date on the calendar for many years to come.