Round 6, day 5: and...we're done.

I'm writing on the night of the last day of Davis' last round of treatment in this treatment plan. It's actually rather odd for me to think that, after the journey of the last few months, we're done. This treatment has been so all-encompassing over the last 6 months, and now, as we pack up tonight and tomorrow morning, it's with no plans to come back in a few weeks for more treatment. As joyful as that is, it hasn't sunk in yet, and probably won't for a couple weeks when we don't have any appointments or travel plans.

There's no way we can know absolutely for sure that Davis is cancer-free right now, but all signs we have are pointing to the fact that that's very likely. After the great news following surgery, these two last rounds of chemo were intended as "mop up" or "insurance policy", or whatever you might want to call it. There's also no way to know that there will never be a relapse, so we'll continue to live as we've learned how to live over the last few months: one day at a time, trusting in the grace and mercy of God in Christ Jesus.

So, because it's again been a long while since my last post, you might be wondering, what now? What kind of monitoring/follow-up?

Most immediately, Davis will spend the night tonight (Sunday) in hospital, and will be discharged tomorrow morning. We'll head home to Penticton tomorrow. Then the general follow-up plan is for regular (likely monthly) check-ups in Penticton, and every 3 months in Vancouver. But the Vancouver trips should just be overnight ones, with CT and ultrasound scans, and meetings with the doctor. We've been told that if any relapse would happen, it won't happen for at least 3 months, so that's why we'll be back for tests again at that point. He'll keep his CVC line in for at least a month as we keep an eye on blood counts for a bit to be able to tell when his immune system dips then comes back up. We may be able to have it taken out in Penticton; not sure about that part yet.

But other than caring for the CVC line, we should be able to spend a mostly normal summer in Penticton. It'll be great to finally be "back", and pick up a lot of projects and work that got postponed abruptly in December. We're all looking forward to being able to get back to normal life, whatever our normal actually is.

We again thank you for all the support you all have been continuing to give us. No family should ever have to go through this, but the journey was made much easier than it might have been because of all the support we've had, and that we continue to have.

I'll update with more details on follow-up as we find them out, but for now, just know that we're done this protocol, the results have been fantastic, and we're headed home tomorrow. For today, that's all we need to know. :)