Wait for it...wait for it...

See, this is what being home does to my blogging efforts. It's easy for multiple days and even weeks to go by without writing. Don't get me wrong; it's not that I'm complaining that being home isn't good. It's just not good for my writing. They say that people who create things tend to do their best creating in situations away from home. (That's one reason why this Amtrak promotion is intriguing. The other reason is that someone made a joke that they should do it, and they said, "ok".)

And I get that; it's a whole lot easier to create space for writing when I'm "outside of normal". Again, "normal" is all good; I wouldn't trade "normal" for anything at all: being home, spring...springing, biked ridden, house projects advancing bit-by-bit, being back to preaching and "normal" ministry work full-time. All of it = great. And we've had it for almost a month now, which has been fantastic. It just means I easily slip back into non-writing mode since that's what I know as normal too. Amazing how defaults are so powerful... But I'm compelled to write tonight, because I know many of you are waiting along with us for more news, and because, honestly, I miss it too.

In any case, you're here for a few more details about Davis' journey, not for my indictment of my own choices in time management.

So we got word on Friday that the whole medical team consulted together on Thursday and decided that surgery would be possible and beneficial at this point. With the active cancer cells now localized in the main tumour area attached to his liver, and with that tumour now having shrunk significantly, they will go in and resect (look at me using a fancy word for "take out" that I just learned from my doctor) the tumour. And then the plan is for 2 more rounds of chemotherapy after the surgery.

So now we're in waiting mode once again, as we wait for a call from the surgeon's office about a date. We've been told it'll most likely be within the next 2 weeks; now that we're on Monday night of week 1, I'm anticipating it'll be scheduled for sometime next week (the week starting Apr. 7), but that's just a guess. Most likely we'll be here at home through this weekend again, but that could change with a phone call.

Once the surgery happens, it'll be roughly a week before he would be ready for the next round of chemo (which will be round 5), so we're guessing that when we head down again, it'll be for a couple weeks. And then, hopefully, we'd be able to be home between rounds 5 and 6 once again.

All this is just our best guess and hopes, though. Like with so many things in this process, we simply wait for more news. At least now, though, the waiting is so much easier, since Davis is so much more healthy and we're all at home together.

And he is so much more healthy now. His blood counts have bounced back, as they normally do a couple weeks after chemo. We were blessed to be able to have him be at worship yesterday. I thought he might be a bit overwhelmed by all the people - he has inherited his parents' introversion, after all - but he did well, even shaking hands with/high-fiving most of the folks on the way out of each service. It was the first time we'd all been at worship together since the beginning of December, so that was a great blessing for us.

And, let's be honest, it was good for the congregation as well. So many of them have been regularly praying for Davis and all of us, and supporting us in so many ways, and it was good for me to see them see him and see not only his face light up, but theirs too.

So many times we tend to think of pastors being servants and leaders of their congregations, but it's just as true that congregations serve pastors when they show such wonderful support to them and their families. So I continue to thank all of the Concordia family for your ongoing support. We are partners in the Gospel, and you have also been partners with us in our suffering. For thank we thank our God once again.

Also, for any of you on Facebook, we've created a "Team Davis" page that will also give you info about the whole journey. Feel free to connect with us on there too.

I'll be sure to let you know more when we know more about timing for surgery and the next steps. For now, we wait with the sure hope that comes from knowing that our God is with us in the midst of every situation of life.