PET scan results, bike rides, and no green beer

We’ve been home for two straight weeks!

It looks a little weird, ending that sentence with an exclamation mark. In normal circumstances, one would generally reply, “of course”. Of course, these last three months have been anything but normal for us. So it certainly is something noteworthy to be home for two straight weeks.

And, we found out yesterday that it’ll be at least another 10 days or so before we head back to Vancouver again. The reason why is largely more good news...

Our doctor looked at the PET scan results with the radiologist and let us know yesterday that the scans indeed show that the active cancer cells are now localized in the one main tumour area, and that the tumour has indeed shrunk significantly. We are so thankful to God that Davis is continuing to get better!

Because we’re now dealing with one site, surgery is a possibility. We don’t know how likely it is, but the surgeons will now look at it and decide if they think they can safely resect it. The whole oncology team meets on Thursdays to discuss cases, and that’s what will happen now before we hear anything more.

And the reason we’re home for another 10 days or so is that Davis’ surgeon is away this week, so he won’t be in on the Thursday meeting until next Thursday (Mar. 27). So we’ll likely find out their decision next Friday and most likely head down to Vancouver again on Sunday (Mar. 30) after I preach for our morning worship services.

Of course, like with everything else, that’s not set in stone. But it’s the plan at this point. If they decide to do surgery, they would ideally do it that first week of April. It’s very likely that surgery would be followed up by more chemo, but we don’t know what any of that timing would be. (As in, how long after surgery would we need to wait until starting chemo again?) We’re not asking too many hypothetical questions, as I would rather just make plans once the important decisions are actually made.

So, for now, we wait. That’s certainly become a theme for us, hasn’t it? But unlike the waiting in mid-December, this is a whole lot less scary. It’s a whole lot more work - Davis is much more a normal 2-year-old now, so caring for him is back to a ton of work! - but a lot less scary, for sure.

Other than him being bald (and if you happened to get a glimpse of plastic tubes peeking out of his shirt), you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at him that there’s anything going on. He’s loving being home, having his brother and sisters (and cat) around again, and all that comes with that. Tonight I took the kids out for a bike ride, with Ellia and Caitlin on their bikes and Jonathan and Davis in the bike trailer behind me. It was Davis’ first time with that; we weren’t sure how he would take it, but when we were heading back into our cul-de-sac after 20 minutes or so, he was pointing back at the road and yelling, “That way! That way!”

I guess he liked it.

So life is feeling pretty normal these days, and will continue that way for a little bit, anyway. As always, I’ll let you know more when we know more about timing. For now, we’ll enjoy being home and welcoming spring, and all that comes with it. Yup, I think I might even be just a little excited about yard work and the upcoming outdoor honeydo lists, since all of that is a taste of normal. Don't tell Suzanne, that, though; the list might grow exponentially...

Before I go, let me just say that I hope you all enjoyed your Shamrock Shakes. McDonald's should give me some kind of finder's fee, for all the business it seems like we sent them over the last week. I did enjoy a few of them, as apparently did you. I also hope you didn't enjoy any green beer on Monday, because that would be an insult to our Irish friends. Instead I hope you partook of a Guinness, or Kilkenny, or some such more appropriate beverage; maybe even a fine all-year-round Red Irish Ale made by our good friends at Rickards'. Anything but cheap mass produced swill with green food colouring.

Man, just typing that put a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe a Smithwick's will fix that.

More again soon, friends. Have a fine evening.