We're waiting again

I'm having breakfast in the cafeteria of the BC Cancer Agency this morning. Davis is in right now having a PET scan done that will show us the picture of how much active cancer is left in his little body. Based on what we've been seeing in other ways, we're thinking that there may not be that much left. But this scan will tell us far more precisely where we're at. Active cancer cells show as bright spots on the scan, so we're wanting to see a set of pictures with very little white on them.

We meet with our doctor this afternoon, and we should have at least an initial look at the scan results, and then we'll head back up to Penticton tomorrow morning. The oncology team will meet next week to discuss the next steps, whether we continue with the prescribed chemo regimen, or whether surgery might be an option, or some other course of action.

So please keep Davis in your prayers to our gracious Heavenly Father this morning, and all of us as we wait for the results. Waiting for test results is never a fun time.