Well, friends, for once I’m going to get right to the point:

We’re home.

Notice the distinct lack of quotes in that statement. We’re actually home, as in home in Penticton.

It’s not for good, yet, but we’re here! We were cleared by Davis’ doctor after a checkup this morning, and so with the van already packed up, we headed out around noon and got back to Penticton just before dinner.

It’s a whole mix of emotions swirling right now; it’s so good to have our family together and at our own home in Penticton. And (not but) it feels weird to us that it feels weird to actually be home. It’s amazing how fast something becomes a new “normal”, even when it isn’t.

Now let me do my painter thing and catch you up...

Davis was in for his 4th round of chemo last week, Tues. through Sat.. It all went well (clinically, at least; he was much more aware that he most certainly did not want to be in his hospital room); well enough that he was discharged again Sunday morning and our doctor told us that he would likely be able to be home--real home--before his next round in a couple weeks.

We’ll be able to do checkups here at the hospital in Penticton, and will be here until roughly Mar. 23. I’ll need to take Davis down to Vancouver for a PET scan on Mar. 14, but will just be there overnight, or maybe two, and then head back. So we’ll likely be here in Penticton, all together as a family, for the next 2-3 weeks.

The PET scan will tell us a lot about the next step. The medical team will use that as the basis for an evaluation for next steps: whether to continue with the current treatment plan, or adjust it in some way, which could include surgery or adjusting the chemo regimen. So these next few weeks are mostly just waiting to see where we go from here.

And what a few weeks they’ll be!

For those of you in Penticton, we have to say that we most likely won’t have Davis out and about much, if at all, due to his decreased immune system, especially over the next week or so. We also won’t be welcoming many, if any, visitors to the house. We’re needing to be protective of him that way. So it’ll be great for me and Suzanne to be able to see many of you, but you may not be able to see Davis; we’ll have to play that a little bit by ear, just depending on his counts as we go.

But the bottom line for us is that we’re home; it’s such a wonderful thing to have come such a long way that we can do this. It’s odd to think that it’s been almost 3 months since we’ve been all home together. So we’re just going to enjoy these next few weeks as much as we can.

I’ll be around Concordia pretty regularly, so if you’re around and want to come have a coffee and visit, please come by. (Althought, I’ve heard a nasty rumour that we’ve removed the dark roast from the selection in our lobby/narthex, so if a medium or light roast isn’t your thing, I may need to...press...my french press into service.)

(Sorry about that groaner. It’s been a long day and I can’t think of a better cliche than “press into service”to describe a coffee-making tool called a french press. I brought my Aeropress with me too, but of course that still has press as part of the name, so there’s just really no getting around that word.)

Please also know that if you’re in the Penticton area, you’re invited to join us for worship Wednesday night as we begin the season of Lent with Ash Wednesday worship at 7:00pm. And of course, our regular worship schedule on Sundays at 9:00am and 11:00am.

We’re so thankful to God for His constant presence with us throughout this journey, that He’s brought us to this place where Davis is well enough that being home is even an option for a time, and for all of you who’ve been on this journey with us. I’m hopeful that I’ll get to catch up with some of you over the next few weeks. What a blessing that will be!