Because, family.

I haven't been writing much...ok, at all...over the last 9 days or so. Because, Olympics.

Well, not really. I have been watching a bit, but the bigger reason is that we were blessed to be able to have our whole family together for more than a week, which was wonderful, and which led to me not writing.

So tonight I have just a short update, since I've had 9 days with all our kiddos, then I made a trip back with our kids and my mom to Penticton yesterday, did some work there yesterday and preached this morning, and then came back to Vancouver today. I'm not complaining, just telling you it's been a busy week and a half, filled with all good things, and that I'll bring you back up to speed over these next few days as it'll be a little calmer around the suite this week.

The short version is that things are going as well as they can be expected to go. Davis finished the 3rd round of chemo last Saturday, and was discharged again on Sunday, his birthday. (He turned wasn't his 2nd birthday, it was his 3rd...I'll never understand why we say that when a person turns a certain age, we say it was that number...why do we leave out the most important one of all: the actual Birth Day? I don't get it...) The cancer cells continue to go away, which is the whole point of this, and Davis is more-and-more doing all the things a 2-year-old does. (Which, talk about your double-edged sword! I came back to the suite tonight to Suzanne reporting that he's now opening all the drawers. All the drawers. Because, you know, he can.)

Anyway, we had a great birthday last Sunday with our whole immediate family, and then a busy week, with checkups for Davis every day. (No, nothing wrong - I'll explain that next time.) Add in a busy weekend, and I'm beat right now. But I did want to get at least this little update done because I know it's been a long time coming, and so many of you have been relying on this blog to come along on this journey with us. We continue to be so thankful for that, and I want you to know I'm not ignoring you or running out of steam. Just choosing family over writing.

More substantial content coming this week...have fun watching hockey, or figure skating, or whatever your sport of choice is (cough...yes, curling is an Olympic sport...cough). To my American friends, sorry about the snowboarding kerfuffles, and about those high-tech suits causing you to lose all the speedskating races. Maybe, since we Canadians are so nice, you can get a Canadian friend of yours to swipe his passport for some free beers as a consolation prize.