The same is so different

I read an interesting analysis of the first play of the Superb Owl, where the center and quarterback got signals crossed, and the snap came too early, resulting in a surprising safety for Seattle. 2 points, and they never looked back.

This particular analysis (sorry, I wish I could find the link again...) said it was all Peyton Manning’s fault. He changed the play at the line. It’s something he does all the time, but in this particular instance, he had a team full of players who’d never been there before who would have been nervous, and needed to get a few plays under their belt to settle in. So this writer said the last thing he should have done was change the play at the line. No matter what he saw, no matter if the play wouldn’t have gained any yards, he should have just run the planned play and let the guys get their first hits in. He didn’t, and it spooked his center, cost his team 2 points and the ball, and got things off to a very rocky start.

That is was all Manning’s fault is debatable, but it’s an interesting point. Here was Manning, who’d been on the stage before and ready to jump in, on a different page than the rest of his offense on that play. His experience had led him to a different place than the rest of his guys because he’d been there before.

It’s amazing how different of an experience something can be going through it again, even though the exact same events are happening as before.

(What a brilliantly executed introduction and segue to a family update that only tangetially relates! Not really, but I had to get a football mention in there somewhere. The season’s over now, so what, am I going to talk off-season issues? Probably not, unless it’s follow-ups to more guys like Golden Tate who appear to be on the path to less money than they could otherwise get to keep the Seahawks together. Hope so.)

We’re about halfway through our 3rd round of chemo with Davis, and the experience couldn’t be more different, though the mechanics are exactly the same. We were admitted again on Tuesday morning, and he’s getting the same doses of the same drugs, 5 days of it, with 2 hour diaper changes throughout (even through the night). All the same things are happening again.

Only this time, the same is so different.

The tumour is so much smaller than it was before, (which is the whole point, isn’t it?) and it’s allowed Davis to be so much more “Davis” than the previous rounds. He’s wanting to be up and around, eating and drinking more, all that good stuff that a kid who will turn 2 on Sunday wants to do.

The problem with that is now he’s stuck in a hospital room tied to an IV machine. So he can’t do what he wants.

The last rounds of chemo were so much scarier, but honestly, they were much less exhausting physically (except for the "sleeping" at the hospital; that's still exhausting). He had little interest in moving around, and was just starting to eat and drink a little bit in round 2. He was perfectly fine to watch cartoons and sit in his bed all day.

Not so much anymore. Now it’s “up, down, walk around, draw on the white board (thankfully there’s a big white board in his room he can reach), play with a ball, up on the cot, down from the cot, watch a bit of TV, have a snack, lather, rinse, repeat as needed.

Again with the double-edged sword! It’s so wonderful that he’s clinically much more healthy. It’s so fun to watch him play and eat and smile and blow kisses to the nurses. And it’s so tiring catering to his every whim in a 10’x10’ room for the 12 hours a day he isn't sleeping.

But in this case, the one edge is clearly the sharper. It’s all worth it to know that he’s responding so well to the chemo, and that he’s getting so much better. And we’ll be discharged again on Sunday or Monday to spend the next couple weeks at “home” at the suite again.

To add to the frivolity, we have our kids and my mom with us again. They came down today and will be with us until next Saturday, when I’ll take them back up when I go back to preach again. We’re so thankful for this gift, and it’ll be a fun week.

Thanks to all of you who continue to pray to our Heavenly Father, and write, and support us in so many ways. God has worked to show us so much kindness  through so many of you as He continues to show us so much mercy and grace because of Jesus. May you be blessed through Jesus this night as well.