CT scan results + middle-school math = very good news

You know those writing tips that say the best way to become a better writer is to get up at 5am when everyone else is still asleep, brew a coffee, and enjoy perfect bliss as you write for an hour a day to craft your masterpiece?

Yeah, not gonna happen.

I’m writing at 10:55am with an almost-2-year old on my lap and Diego on the TV. If you pay attention to things like time, you’ll notice mostly all of my posts happen around 10 or 11pm. That’s my “everyone’s asleep” time, if by everyone, you mean Davis.

I’m writing at 10:57am because my “Davis is asleep” time has looked a little different these past few days. Thanks to the generosity of a friend with business connections, Suzanne was able to get home for the first time since we came down here in mid-December. She left Thursday morning and will be back tonight. It’s been so good for her to be at home with our older kids, even if just for a couple days.

So all of that has meant that it’s been D and me for a couple days, which has meant that my “Davis is asleep” time has been more taken up with work than usual, which in turn diminishes my energy to write here. (As anyone with a toddler knows, they’re a lot of work, and being on my own makes me so thankful for our “usual” being two of us to care for him. I’ve said before that I can’t really imagine how exhausting it must be to be a full-time single parent; I know that’s a reality for many people, and those of you who face that reality every day need an amazing amount of strength.)

But I do want to write today, since it’s a more relaxed Saturday morning, and now that we have our hour of guitar-jamming done for the morning, Davis is on to other interests, like playing with an empty milk jug. At least for the next 2 minutes anyway.

(2 minutes later…)

It’s not ADD. It’s called “turning 2 in 8 days”.

(He’s back on my lap, editing for me, if by editing you mean “building a cereal box wall”.)

So I’m writing disjointedly today to share with you that we got the results of the CT scan yesterday at our checkup. And, to step out of my painter mode just for a second: it’s very good news.

You may remember, if you’re a Beautiful Mind type of numbers person, that the tumour was about 12x12x12 cm when we first got to the hospital. As of yesterday, the biggest side was 5.1cm. On first glance, that’s good news - it’s less than half! But you Beautiful Mind types will also remember your middle-school geometry classes and remember that the volume of a cube is…well, a…cubic…calculation, not a linear one. So a cube that’s no bigger than 5 cm on any given side is a whole lot less than half the volume of a cube that’s 12x12x12. A whole lot less than half.

See, remember when you sat in middle school math class thinking, “come on! When I’m I ever going to use this in real life?!”

(It’s now 11:41 - had to take another playing-guitar, putting-picks-in-the-strings, and shaking-picks-out-of-the-soundhole break…)

You’re welcome. Middle school math has its uses, after all - making us realize exactly how good this news is.

I’ve been long-fascinated by exponents, specifically binary logarithms, especially as a musician and tech guy. It explains a lot, from why guitars work the way they do, to why the numbers on a sound board fader are so weird, to why a 400-watt guitar amp isn’t 10x as loud as a 40-watt amp (it’s twice as loud…yup, just twice…think about that for a minute, gearheads and guys with spoilers on your 4-door sedans), to why your shiny new 2TB hard drive only holds 1.83TB, to why your iPad comes in strange quantities of storage like 16, 32, 64, or 128GB (and makes Apple’s pricing scheme as even stranger: there’s a $100 difference between each of those models, leading you to think getting twice the storage for the same difference in price makes sense; it’s actually how they drive you to the higher-end models).

And it evens works in sports world. It’s why your March Madness bracket should have 64 teams. Seriously, NCAA, 68 teams? Now you’re just messing with the fundamental laws of the world. Brackets should be busted in the first 32 games, not in this weirdo “first four” round. And it’s why the NFL needs a wild card round of the playoffs and why the CFL will now implode after bringing back a 9th team.

I might be off on that last point.

Seriously, check out binary logarithms sometime. The world will make so much more sense. 

12:04 - we’re making fantastic progress now!

Thanks for hanging with me through this post. Buried beneath all the meandering is some truly great news for us that I’ve been excited to share with you. We continue to covet your prayers as we get ready to head back into the hospital on Tuesday morning to start the next round of chemo.

12:12 - time to hit post on this thing, since Davis has now proclaimed we’re going for a ride. He wants his socks and his hat, because that’s what you need for a ride.