This sword has two edges

I'm not sure what happened over Vancouver towards the end of last week. There was this weird yellow orb hanging in the sky for almost 3 full days, and this odd tint to the sky itself, more ranging to the blue end of the spectrum than the traditional January grey. But whatever happened, it was fantastic, and my drive home included a clear view of Mt. Baker for much of the lower mainland drive. The evidence is below.

(Yes, I've lived been in Vancouver for all of 6 weeks, and I'm entitled to make statements about what the traditional January weather is. OK, not really, but it made for a better opening than, "Boy, was it sunny!")

I left that sun and sky behind for a couple days as I headed to actual home on Sat. morning for another whirlwind weekend in Penticton. It was so very good to hang out with my kids, to preach on Sunday, and to catch up with church and school staff today before heading back here to Vancouver tonight.

And I got back to a most excellent greeting: Davis walking around the suite, and tottering over into my arms as soon as I got in the door. He's motoring so much better than even two days ago. So fun to see.

And then while getting ready for bed, his feeding tube came out. So I guess we're done with that. (Yes, they gave us nurse-type jobs to do. But no, that doesn't include sticking a thin yellow tube down my son's nose into his stomach. Stuff like that is best left to the trained professionals.) It wasn't supposed to come out yet, but it's not that big of a deal and they told us that if it came out, oh well, so don't go calling the wannabe nurse authority on us.

And after all that rambling introduction, I finally get to the main point of tonight's post: tomorrow's double-edged sword...

On the one edge, it's a great day, since Davis is getting a CT scan tomorrow around noon that will give us a new picture of what's going on in his body, and more detail about how the cancer's responding.

On the other edge, he's "NPO" (or "NOP" or some acronym like that) after midnight tonight, which means he can't have anything to eat after midnight, and only water or apple juice until 8:45, and then nothing at all until 12:15. That's part of the prep for sedation, which is necessary for the CT scan, because it's virtually impossible to get an almost 2-year old to lie still for anything without drugs. He's had it done before, but it wasn't a big deal because at that point he wasn't at all interested in eating or drinking anything.

Now, though, he's eating enough cereal that we really should be buying stock in Kellog's and General Mills. And he is going to be most unhappy with us tomorrow morning when we tell him that he can't have Krispies or Cheerios or any other such thing. He won't understand that he has to wait until after lunch time to eat. He won't understand why we're telling him no. All he'll know is that his parents are denying him cereal, which will be an offense punishable by much yelling.

Not looking forward to that.

But, back to the first edge, that we'll have more details about just how he's responding to treatment is a very good thing. We may not have those details until our Friday check-up, so I'll likely won't be able to post about it until then. But you'll know shortly after we know.

To all of you who I was able to greet, hug, and catch up with over these last few days, thanks again for your love and support. It was so good to see all of you.

Now, off to wind down for a while. Enjoy the pics.