Ebb and flow

Round 2, day 3.

After a great weekend of having some freedom from machines and even from the hospital, the ebb and flow of the chemotherapy process has definitely ebbed. Not much flow the last couple of days.

Besides being back on machines 24 hours a day now, he’s back on drugs that affect him in other ways. Most noticeably this round has been more tummy aches, as far as we can tell. One of the side effects of one of the chemo drugs specifically is nausea. While we’re most thankful he hasn’t been vomiting at all, we can tell when his stomach is upset, and that’s caused him a bit of distress this round.

And then just the fact that it’s prescribed to change his diaper every 2 hours no matter what. That’s 24 hours a day too, so his sleep is highly disrupted during this process too. So it’s been a challenging few days.

But we know that this short-term stuff will pass and our eyes are on the bigger goal, with more encouraging news about the bigger picture too. There’s a thing called a “tumour marker”, which is an indication they can get through blood work of the tumour’s strength. It’s only an indicator, and the PET CT scan they’ll do at the end of this round will give a much better indication of the process. But this tumour marker is now 25% of what it was when we came in. For the little we know about it, that’s a very good thing. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the tumour has shrunk by 75%, but the fact that the numbers are going down consistently is certainly a good indication that things are happening the way they should.

And, there’s a good chance we’ll now be out of the hospital after this round, maybe even by this weekend or the beginning of next week. That entails a whole new set of challenges, but it too is a good sign of progress.

To all who have been keeping us in prayer, who have been supporting us financially, and who are continuing to be such a wonderful encouragement to us in so many ways, we continue to thank you. Even your reading of this blog is sharing in this journey with us. It’s been such an encouragement to me too, to know that so many of you are not only visiting the blog, but reading each post and looking forward to the next one.

For those who wish to send cards, etc., we continue to be thankful for that, and here’s a new mailing address, since we’ll (hopefully) be in and out of the hospital after this next week or so.

753 55 Ave. E.
Vancouver, BC  V5X 1N8

That’s the address of the basement suite that’s home base for us while we’re here. It’ll be a better address than the hospital from now on.

No pictures tonight, since there haven’t been many big smiles the last few days (which won’t surprise anyone, I’m sure; interesting how we don’t want to picture the sobering realities, only the happy ones, even though those are equally as meaningful moments to capture...methinks I have a new photo project to work on...).

Let me close with this tonight...Yesterday I finished a sermon for our leaders to use on Sunday at our church. It was the first time I’d written a sermon for someone else to use; we’ll see how it goes for them...I’m sure they’ll do great, as long as my words make some sense. :) So since it’s fresh in my mind, I’ll leave you tonight with some of that text and a blessing based on it.

The next day again John was standing with two of his disciples, and he looked at Jesus as he walked by and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God!” The two disciples heard him say this, and they followed Jesus.
John 1:35-37

May God draw you close to Him as you hear the bold proclamation that Jesus is the Messiah, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. May you, like Andrew, John, and Simon Peter, have your hearts and lives turned to Jesus by the powerful working of the Holy Spirit through God’s Word.