Night and day

After a busy weekend, we’ve had company the last few days, which allowed Suzanne and I to even get out on the town a bit last night. Date night—always a good thing! We went to see Catching Fire, which, although not my first choice of movie personally, is far, far more palatable than anything in the Twilight universe (which, yes, I did see since I love my wife and will accompany her to movies that I personally don’t care for. Yes, she does the same for me, having seen Into Darkness with no idea of who KHAAAANNNN is, and Man of Steel, among others.). I sincerely wish I could apologize to fans of Stephenie Meyer’s work, but alas, you’ll not get an apology from me. Or maybe it’s not her work as much as Kirsten Stewart’ the screen. Anyway, Hunger Games, while rather morbid conceptually, makes for a much better time at the theatre than that other recent so-called saga. (Except for the run-in with the concession folk last night...apparently downgrading a combo is frowned upon and in fact changes the combo completely so that you don’t get what you actually paid for, even though you willingly didn’t take what you paid for in the first place...let it go, Michael, let it go.)

(Wow, I think that might win the prize for most-rabbit-trailed paragraph ever on this young blog...)

As an added bonus, I didn’t know Philip Seymour Hoffman was in it. So when he showed up, it was a most enjoyable surprise. (Spoiler alert: Philip Seymour Hoffman is in Catching Fire. He's also in Almost Famous, MI:III, and Charlie Wilson's War, which makes them awesome movies. Sorry for the spoiler, but you've had a few years...)

I was also able to join some brother pastors for part of their meeting this morning, which was refreshing as we dug into God’s Word together and I was able to catch up with some friends and colleagues just a little bit.

Which leads me to tonight as I write again from Davis’ bedside. And I just have to marvel at the beautiful things happening for him over the past few days. He’s been more cheerful and more “Davis” each day, which has just been so fun. He’s up more, moving around, playing with toys, and actually enjoying the nurses. One of his favourites got some high-fives and giggles today, and he helped his night nurse out tonight when she came in to do vitals (pic below).

I can’t tell you how life-giving it is to play guitar with him, see him chase after bubbles with his arms, watch him eat and drink more stuff (we’re expanding out from pretzels and Gerber puffs now into some actual food!), and see so many smiles.

It almost makes us forget the fact we’re still dealing with cancer in multiple places in his body, because the difference in him is night and day from when he came in almost a month ago now. I have to remind myself that we’ve still got a long road ahead; at the same time, it’s so wonderful to see these signs of vitality returning.

We are now getting set for the 2nd round of chemo, which will probably happen in another week or so. They’ve told us that he’s going to need to stay in hospital through the 2nd round, as he continues to need some help getting his nutrition back in order. But things are certainly progressing.

The other big news for today will be evident in the pics below: his hair's gone. I shaved his head this afternoon, since his hair was thinning rapidly as it began to fall out a couple days ago. It just made sense to buzz him. It’s one of the typical side effects of chemo, so it was just a matter of time. I like the look; it makes his eyes and cheeks look huge.

With you no longer reading but looking at the pics of the cute little kid below, I’ll bid you good evening, friends. More incompetent insightful rambling writing again soon.