When familiarity breeds...an odd sense of familiarity

It’s weird when a place that’s not home starts to feel more familiar. Driving down Oak St. tonight as I got back to the hospital, the Safeway and TD on the corner of Oak and King Edward was a milestone saying, “only a couple more blocks!”. A very odd feeling.

I know it’s been quiet here on the blog for a couple days; it’s because I was at our actual home. I drove the older kids home Friday, and was home Saturday and today to do some pastoral work and more prep to come back.

And now I’m back bedside with Davis, who’s looking more alert and seemingly a bit more back to normal each day. Except he’s not supposed to be that alert at 9:38pm. He’s just daring me to make him go to sleep right now.

So I’ll do that in just a minute once I hit "post" on this.

It was so good to see our church family and fulfill that pastoral vocation with them over the weekend. I told them I haven’t felt much like a pastor the past three weeks, and in one way it was great to be back with them, serving them with God’s Word. In another way it was difficult, knowing that I’d be leaving them, and the rest of my immediate family, in a few hours again.

So now again I’m writing from Davis’ bedside, getting ready to spend the night here. It’s good to see his little smile, and hear a few words. We even played guitar together for a few minutes when I first got here; ’twas a very good thing.

I’ll catch you up with more of how’s he’s doing tomorrow. For now, it’s time to get him to sleep, and I won’t be long after him as I wind down after a busy weekend. God’s peace be with you tonight.