Ding! First round of chemo is done

I'm not a boxing fan, but it seemed appropriate to add a ding! to the title when talking about a round being done.I'd prefer "cheers!", but boxing's probably a better metaphor right now...

Davis' first round of 5 days' worth of chemotherapy finished on Christmas Day. A fitting day, I suppose: the gift of a huge step towards restoration, received on Christmas Day. Can't ask for much more.

He got through the round with no visible reactions, which was great. The biggest issue we face now, other than the cancer itself, is that he's been in bed for two weeks, and hasn't been eating or drinking much at all. He's lost a lot of muscle mass, and has very little energy. His vital signs are all strong, so that's been great, but now our task is to try to restore some energy.

He's got a little chair that he'll be in a few times a day, and we're doing some stretching and trying to get him to play with some toys for a bit. He got a feeding tube today too, to help get him some protein and other nutrients that he's not getting otherwise. So we're hopeful that will help a lot over the next few days.

So overall, things are going as good as can be expected. Certainly we have challenges ahead, but Davis is a superstar, after all, and we're all on his team.

We continue to pray for a miraculously fast response to the chemo, and will rejoice in a more "normal" process of treatment and healing too.

Have a good night, friends.