A most unusual Christmas Eve

I'm sitting in a hospital room, writing at the very time my church family is meeting for the 2nd of two Christmas Eve worship services in Penticton. Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday are two of the high points of the church year, and as a pastor there's nothing I'd love more than to be leading my church family in worship on this night.

Obviously, things are most unusual for us this Christmas Eve. Us not being there doesn't diminish the importance of the time of worship; it just makes me miss being there. I'm so thankful that one of my good friends, a brother pastor and my former supervisor, is leading our congregation in my place tonight, coming down from Kelowna and giving up a most special night with his own congregation to help us out. Keith, you are a blessing to Concordia and to me. Thanks so very much.

I'm thinking of all of you at Concordia Lutheran Church and School in Penticton, tonight, and praying that you would again enter the story of Christmas as you gather around God's Word tonight and respond with the deepest activity of the heart and faith.