Let the chemo begin

We've had some visitors today, who have been very welcome, and so not as much time to write today. So just a quick update tonight...

Davis had the last of his baseline tests this morning, and we got started on the chemotherapy late this afternoon. It's a dose of 3 different drugs today, all administers by IV, so they're not very intrusive to Davis. They watched closely for adverse reactions but there really were none, so all is well tonight. There will be side effects showing up later, but at least we're on the road right now. He'll get 1 dose a day of two of these drugs now for the next 4 days (the one drug, he only gets one dose each cycle).

We're so thankful for this amazing medical technology that can target these diseases. Please keep not only Davis and us, but also the hospital staff in prayer tonight. They have such a tough job, caring for so many people in such difficult circumstances.

More tomorrow, friends. We love you all.