The little things matter, too.

Good morning, friends. No big news this morning; likely not until near dinner time will we get a report back from the pathologists. We’re praying that it’s conclusive and it will allow us to start treatments, maybe even tonight. I continue to pray for a miraculous healing by God, and I pray for the strength to accept whatever the report says.

So, in the absence of big news, just some little things to observe today...

One good thing is that today he’s starting to eat a bit. After not showing any interest in food since about Sunday, he’s finally starting to have a few bites here and there. Docs say that’s good, certainly, but that he won’t be able to eat much because the tumour’s taking up space in his abdomen.

Yesterday he had a few bites of peanut butter and bread, and a cuople sips of water. Today he’s had a few bites of pancake, of peanut butter and bread, and he gobbled down a mini-muffin this morning, along with a few sips of milk. It’s great to see him do even that much.

He’s also talking more, saying a few words here and there, like the name of the show he wants to watch, or the food he wants. So that’s good too - more signs of energy.

So today will be another day of just waiting. He’s scheduled for a PET CT scan tomorrow, which will be a whole body scan, and establish a baseline for once treatment begins. They have to do that at the cancer center up the street, so that’ll be enough for one day tomorrow.

Thanks again to all of you for your thoughts, and for your prayers to our Heavenly Father, who loves Davis with an everlasting love. We are entrusting Davis into his Father’s loving care today and every day, and praying for our daily bread today: strength from God’s Word for the day ahead.