The rest of the family

I started sharing updates on Facebook, and then realized a blog would be a better format for sharing. But now I'm realizing there are many who mayb be connected to us through this blog who don't know us very well, or at all. I had someone ask about the rest of our family, so for those of you who don't know, here's an intro to us. Sorry, I don't have a crazy-awesome Christmas jammies theme video to show you. Maybe next year. (Of course, that probably means I'd need to start a video production company and use my family to promote my company...oh, sorry, was that cynical? Yes, yes it was. That was a fun video and they're well within their rights to promote a family business.)

(One other thing you need to know about me is that I like rabbit trails. It's not ADD, just curiosity and making connections...)

Ok, so our family...Davis is the youngest of our 4 children. Our oldest is 8, our 2nd turns 7 tomorrow (Thursday), and #3 is 4. We live in Penticton, BC, in the heart of wine country in the Okanagan valley. I'm a pastor at a Lutheran church there and Suzanne is full-time mom.

We've been in Penticton since Aug. 2009, coming here after living and working in Spokane, WA for 4 years and Kelowna, BC (just up the road from Penticton) for 4 years before that. We're at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver, BC, right on the West Coast. It's about a 5-hour drive from Penticton to downtown Vancouver.

Our older kids are still at home in Penticton. My mom and dad, who live in Regina, SK (where I grew up) were heading out last weekend for a visit over Christmas (another example of God's providential care for us) when this all happened. So they have "the olders" in their care at home in Penticton. We wanted life to be as normal as possible for them right now, so we're thankful that we can have Nana and Poppa there with them. We're starting to make plans for what Christmas might look like, but for now, they're at home.

The older kids know that Davis is really sick, sick enough that he has to be in the hospital and that Mommy and Daddy have to be there with them. But that's about it. They're young enough that they don't need to know all the details right now, and we'll figure out the best way to bring them up to speed over the next few days as we hear more and learn what treatment is going to look like.

So please keep them in your prayers as well, that they would be at peace, and that we'd be re-united with them as soon as we can too. We video chat with them multiple times a day, which is great given the circumstances, but nothing beats being able to hug and kiss your kids and talk with them about their day.

Thanks, everyone. You are all a huge blessing to us. More tomorrow - I'll have to go do some more wandering and musing for tomorrow, since we probably won't get any more news until later in the day tomorrow.