Is this update better than nothing? Not sure.

So many of you are sharing in our journey, and for that we're so thankful. I've been privileged to hear stories of folks connecting on Facebook and through this blog, and I'm so grateful for that.

Since today's a very very quiet day, with really nothing happening for Davis but waiting, I figured that I'd invite you into our story by not posting anything until now, inviting you to wait with us. :) (Plus, I wasn't feeling clever or anything this morning, and just needed a break.)

So really, other than praying and being here, which are the two things that aren't going to change anytime soon, the only thing of significance I did today was get myself a slouchy beanie to wear. Normally I put some product in my hair to keep me from looking like Wilson in the 3rd hour of Castaway. But I just don't want to mess with that while we're here, so I got me some headgear that's comfortable and will allow me to devote even less time to my hair than normal while still staying somewhat presentable.

I was going to take a seflie to show you all, but then I ran across this while browsing my Zite feed this morning, and reconsidered.