Yahweh Has Remembered

I talk a lot about God's providential care for us - those times when it seems like "everything happens for a reason", where things line up in unexpected ways. Or things happen in ways you maybe didn't expect, but ended up being rather intriguing. Some people call this coincidence, but it has a much better name: providence.

I could talk for hours about how this has played out in so many ways in my life, but here's just a very recent example to begin the day...

Davis' middle name is Zechariah - a Hebrew name that means "God has remembered". It's a name of the book of the Bible, and also the name of a priest in the New Testament: John the Baptist's father. In Hebrew it looks like this:


As a continuing education project this year, I'm taking a Hebrew course. So I'm learning some Hebrew grammar. The name Zechariah means "God has remembered" because it's really a Hebrew sentence: a form of the Hebrew verb זָכַר (zāḵar), which means "to remember", and a shortened form of יְהוָה (Yahweh), God's "proper name" in Hebrew (sometimes seen as "the LORD"): Yah. In Hebrew, the verb generally comes first, then the subject, hence "zḵar•yāh".

This week, the week all this happened with Davis, we got to chapter 13, which was a beginning discussion of one of the parts of the Hebrew verbal system. This past weekend, the very days when Davis was getting all his testing done, was the time I was supposed to write the quiz for this chapter. What was one of the words in the list of vocabulary words to learn for chapter 13?