Surgery is imminent

It's 1pm Sunday, and we're getting ready to take Davis in for biopsy and a central line being put in. He should be going down within the hour.

This is two procedures in one session on the operating table. First will be to put in a central line for IV, medications, etc. Two little incisions in his chest and neck area.

Then a biopsy, which is where they will remove a small part of the mass so that a pathologist can look at it and confirm if it is cancerous, and exactly what type of cancer it is. The results from that could take a up to a few days to come back.

Of course, I want them just to take as much as they can out right now while they're in there, but that's not how it works, I guess.

I continue to pray for miraculous healing - I keep telling God that I'm going to be like that persistent widow (of the parable in Luke 18:1-8). But I continue to know that He works through ordinary means too. If bread, wine, and water can be used for His gracious purposes, so can surgeon's hands, medications, radiation, and more.