Eyes being opened

I've been so thankful that we have such an amazing support system. Not only do we have family who are taking care of our other kids and will be coming to visit, but we have friends in the area who have offered anything we need. We have a pastor friend who's close to the hospital who's opened his home to us for sleeping at night (only one of us can be in the room with D overnight). We may have a line on great accommodations if we need to be here more long-term. We had another pastor friend come over this morning, and a more who will be over in the coming days.

We've had tons of messages through Facebook and email and phone. We know we're surrounded by so many people who love us and literally will do anything for us.

In fact, it's so much that I almost feel selfish about it. Through all our family and friends we've got so many resources that will be at our disposal if needed.

And last night my eyes began to be opened to what else is going on in here. Something like this is affecting every single one of the kids and families who are here in the ward with us. As we get to say hi with other parents in the lounge, we'll undoubtedly soon start to learn their names and their stories. Though we would have never chosen to go through this, maybe there will be some opportunity to minister and serve others here too. I don't know what that will look like yet, but I'd like to ask for you all to pray for the other kids and families on the ward here. They are in just as much need as we are, and some more.