Biopsy's happening tomorrow!

It continues to be hard to be patient. But the good news is that we met with surgeons about an hour ago, and they're going to be doing the biopsy and central line tomorrow morning. We're so thankful for that. It's serious enough to be doing on a weekend, which means it's serious. But it's good news that they're going to do it as soon as is possible.

We've been in good hands here - everyone's been courteous and straightforward. It's hard to be simply in a time of waiting, but we're getting very very good support from folks here too.

Sadly the biopsy results could take a few days to be confirmed, but at least we're making progress.

We're winding down for the night now. Hopefully D will get to sleep soon - he's almost there. :) I'll likely be up for a while yet; Suzanne's off to get a good sleep in a real bed tonight, so that will be a big help too.